What To Know Before Buying Diamonds

Many of us have come across the purchase of diamonds or jewellery with them in Israel. When choosing a product, two questions always arise: what diamond to choose and its actual value. Suppose the first question can be determined by examining the information on the network. In that case, the second question, due to insufficient and relatively closed information, is difficult for an inexperienced buyer. In this article, we would like to tell you a little about the current situation in the market for diamonds and jewellery with them.  

The first thing to start with is the purchase budget. If the budget is low at several hundred dollars, you shouldn’t bother with the characteristics; the main thing is that you like the product. But when the amounts start to exceed $1000, we would highly recommend paying attention to the purchase. You should pay attention to the certificate that comes with the diamond—a diamond cut to shape.

There is more than enough information on the existing cuts on the Internet, so I would like to focus on the nuances of how they affect the final price and play of light of a stone. Round diamonds are, on average, 30% more expensive than fancy stones. This is due to both the demand and consumption of raw materials and the play of light of the stone. The classic round cut has 57 facets and is the reference. This point should be taken into account when selecting a stone. If you have a task to buy diamond, you should pay attention to fancy shapes. You can read more about the existing forms here.

  • Color, clarity, cut and weight

When choosing diamonds princess, our recommendation is to select stones of medium GH colour and VS2-SI1 clarity. You will end up with a white diamond with no visible yellow tint and crystal clear to the eye with the right choice. The inclusions of the stone can only be seen with a magnifying glass. IK stones can be considered for purchase, provided that the diamond is set in a yellow gold piece. 

  • Pricing

A newsletter from Rapaport is considered a unified price list for colourless diamonds all over the world. It provides indicative prices for diamonds with ideal cut parameters. Existing discounts are applied in the presence of hidden defects in the stone, fluorescence, and irregularities in the cut. This price list is relevant for rocks rated according to GIA standards. Diamond prices in Israel are among the lowest in the world. Israel is a country that produces more than 50% of all diamonds in the world.


• When buying a diamond, always ask for a GIA – certificate with a stone weight of 0.3 carats. It is not difficult for the seller. Only in this case, you know exactly what you paid for.
• Scrutinize the diamond in natural light. As a rule, special lighting is installed in stores, which can make a piece of glass shine. The stone should not be cloudy or have severe damage visible. The price of such diamonds is a penny.
• Ask the seller for a Rapaport price list to get an idea of the actual cost of the offered stone.
• Refrain from buying diamonds with a cut below Poor or Fair; these stones have a broken amount and will not play as diamonds should.
• Pay attention to the parameter – fluorescence. The price of stones where this phenomenon is present is 10-30% lower, depending on its level.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!