Vacation at the Great Smoky Mountains

Some people yearn for a prolonged vacation in the mountains, while others want a deluxe holiday in a lake house. Every kind of trip has its aspect of joy. 

The forests and small towns located all over the Smoky Mountains offer a great variety of unique attractions that appeal to various kinds of tourists. From wanting to visiting monuments, relaxing beside a lake, hiking in the mountains, and engaging in thrilling activities, the Smokies have got it all.

What is the mystery behind its name? 

Vegetation in these regions gives out more than just oxygen. They release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) too. These chemicals have a high vapor pressure with millions of plants and trees in the Smokey Mountains giving off these vapors. A smoky mist blankets these mountains, giving the area its mystical and mysterious “smoky” effect. These volatile organic compounds not only explain the foggy appearance, but they are also the reason for the blue tint. The natural fog is what makes the place one of the most breathtaking mountains in the world. 

In this article, you will get a review of the ways a Smokie Mountain Vacation can grant you remarkable memories of its famous destinations.


It is the perfect place to spend more time socializing with your family and friends. Dollywood is a theme park that lies in the mountainous town of Pigeon Forge and got recently ranked as one of the best theme parks in the world. Since its opening in 1986, the amusement park attracts millions of visitors each year. It has expanded over 150 acres offering more than fifty world-class rides, dining, historic landmarks, and all types of entertainment for every age. Dollywood’s Splash Country water park, Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort & Spa, and Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner and Musical attraction are all part of the theme park’s attractions. The park recently announced a half-billion-dollar expansion, starting a new resort called Dollywood’s HeartSong Lodge and Resort that will open in 2023. Admission to the amusement varies depending on the age of the guest and seasonal discounts as well. You will experience your new favorite rides here, such as:


This ride is a new addition to the theme park that imitates the movements of a dragonfly, making an incredible experience.

Lightning Rod

The lightning rod ranks among the top ten best roller coasters in the world. It goes at a top speed of 73 miles per hour which for sure is a thriller.

Daredevil Falls

The daredevil is a log slide boat that swerves over a waterfall through a sixty feet drop.

Dollywood Express Train Depot

It is a 110-ton coal steam locomotive that encompasses a five-mile journey passing along the scenic foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains.

Apart from this, Dollywood has its very own lodging cabins for you to book your stay. The theme park is without a doubt one of the most exciting places to visit.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The beauty and diversity of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park explain why it is the most visited of the U.S. national parks. It offers forested hiking trails, mountain ridges, waterfalls and streams, a variety of wildlife, and the heritage of the Southern mountain. It includes activities such as fishing, horseback riding, and exploring the rich national heritage.

The National Park sites at a distance of 25 miles from Dollywood. Ever since the Newfound Gap Road came under construction, the government waivered the entrance fee for this national park. Among a few top-rated landmarks are:

Cades Cove

Cades Cove is a remote, fertile valley that was once home to many early Southern Appalachian settlers. The Smoky Mountains are rich in history, and you will see many 18th-century built structures. The park has preserved more than ninety historic buildings, cabins, barns, churches, schools, and even grist mills. Cades Cove and the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail are the perfect places to see some of these constructions. Visitors love the mix of scenery and history. Moreover, you can rent a bike at the Cades Cove Campground store to survey around the area.

Clingman’s Dome

It is the highest point in Tennessee and the third highest in all of the United States at an elevation of 6,643 feet, from where you can see a view of more than a hundred miles. You might need a jacket to take along with you even in summers, as the temperatures here don’t rise above 20 degrees. The paved trail is very steep and leads to an observation tower at the summit. Unlike other Smoky Mountain peaks, Clingman’s dome is the most accessible. 

The Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

It is a nearly six-mile one-way loop road that provides breathtaking mountain scenery and even access to two of the area’s most famous waterfalls: Rainbow Falls and Grotto Falls. The Trillium Gap Trail allows you to walk behind the Grotto’s 25-foot high falls. There are remains of an ancient mountain village, a Roaring Fork Cemetery, and a range of wildlife, including birds, deer, and black bears.

Tuckaleechee Caverns

Silver Falls, a 200-foot waterfall at Tuckaleechee Caverns, is a sight to behold! You can walk inside the cavern Big Room that is about a 400-foot long room discovered in 1954. Tuckaleechee is like a hidden gem located on the most peaceful side of the Smokies.

Newfound Gap

The newfound gap is a low point mountain ridge passing near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s center. 

Gatlinburg SkyLift Park

At the Gatlinburg SkyLift Park, guests are to sit back, relax and enjoy the best views of the dazzling Smoky Mountains and the town of Gatlinburg. Stretching across a height of almost 150 feet is the Gatlinburg SkyBridge. It holds the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America. Walking the bridge is an unforgettable moment of accomplishment for you to have pride in forever. 

Home to a Large Diversity of Plants and Animals

The Smokies are nature friendly and are waiting to be discovered by you! There are over 4000 species of plants, 140 tree species, 65 mammal species, 200 species of birds, 67 native fish species, and more than 80 kinds of reptiles and amphibians. Apart from this, there are more than eight hundred miles of hiking trails, allowing you to explore nature while on the trek, including the sight of frozen waterfalls in the winter to wildflowers in the spring.

The Smoky Mountains are between 200 and 300 million years old, having about three thousand miles of streams. These streams have got a hand fun of fishes and an opportunity for fishing throughout the year. The Smoky Mountains have a long and illustrious history. In reality, the park has rehabilitated more than ninety heritage structures.

Is the trip budget-friendly?

Yes! Although, the cost for a Smoky Mountain vacation depends on how long you are planning to stay. The average daily price based on tourists’ expenses is almost one fifty dollars per day. That includes all the necessary holiday expenses of food, traveling through local transports, and sightseeing. Although, the rental or hotel cost relies on the place you choose to stay.

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