Thermage: What Should You Know

Thermage: What Should You Know

Hardware cosmetology allows you to preserve youth and beauty. Thermage of the face is very popular among such methods. Such an innovative procedure is rightfully considered adequate. Moreover, it will enable you to achieve noticeable results after one session.

Features of the technique

Thermage FLX was developed and approved by American medical institutions in 2002. Since then, it has been actively used in the world This is a non-surgical procedure that requires an appropriate device to deliver radiofrequency radiation to the tissue. Due to this effect, the body temperature rises, and the skin warms up. At the same time, the tissues are strengthened because collagen synthesis is activated. The result is an excellent lifting effect that can be seen in the photo.

Thermage can be performed to rejuvenate the entire face or its specific areas, namely the forehead and chin. This innovative technique is considered truly exclusive, which affects the cost. So, the treatment of the face along with the neck will cost about 2 thousand dollars. Thermal eye treatment costs approximately $700. It should be noted that one session is enough to obtain a lasting effect. 

This technique has many advantages:

• activation of collagen synthesis, in which the upper layers remain intact;
• pronounced lifting effect without surgery;
• the ability to correct the figure and restore the youthfulness of the face in 1 session;
• lack of a rehabilitation period;
• the ability to perform the procedure regardless of the season;
• preservation of results for at least 3-5 years.

Benefits of face thermal?

At Thermage London many people are scared off by the high cost of the procedure, so in some salons, instead of it, they offer conventional radiofrequency lifting, which is much lower. To recognize the substitution in time, you need to pay attention to the device. This equipment is constantly being improved. For example, CPT technology has been developed, which provides more effective cooling of the skin and assumes a special vibrating tip. In any case, if you are offered thermage of a face or body on equipment with a different name, then you are being deceived.

It should be noted that the session should only be held in a beauty salon. Home-based professionals cannot afford to purchase such expensive equipment.

If you are thinking about giving preference to radiofrequency lifting, consider the need to complete a course of procedures. In the case when you sign up for thermage, one session will be enough.

Procedure execution

Facial treatment involves the use of one of 5 attachments that Thermage has developed. These elements differ in their appearance and size. Accordingly, the most miniature attachments are suitable for the eye area and the larger ones for the forehead and cheeks.

At the preliminary consultation, the specialist is obliged to tell the client about contraindications and side effects. Also, the beautician assesses the condition of the skin. If all is well, then the first step is to cleanse the epidermis. To do this, you need to remove makeup and jewellery and then wipe your face to remove street dust. After wiping the skin with an appropriate tonic, a special marking is performed. So, several lines are applied to the face area, which will help make the treatment of problem areas more accurate.

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