The Undeniable Benefits of Pursuing a Career as a Botanist

Looking for a new career? Interested in gardening? If so, you should consider becoming a botanist. 

Botanists are scientists who focus on the study of plants. In a professional setting, this runs the gamut from testing soil to testing water to engaging in plant identification to preserving forests, marshes, and wetlands, and more. If you’re into plant life, it’s an exceedingly rewarding career. 

Curious as to the specific benefits of becoming a botanist? Then read on. Here are the primary reasons to study botany and become a professional botanist.

It’s Intellectually Stimulating

First and foremost, being a botanist is intellectually stimulating. Every day at work will involve mental challenges, from forming hypotheses to testing those hypotheses and more. 

Again, botanists are scientists. So, if science appeals to you, this career almost certainly would as well. 

It Allows You to Work Outdoors

Though not all botanists work outdoors, a great many of them do. This is because, in order to perform the job, they must be around forests or marshes, or other vegetated areas. So, if the idea of spending your life in an office repulses you, give some consideration to botany. 

It Pays Well

Money isn’t everything, but it’s definitely important. As such, you’ll likely be pleased to hear that botanists make a decent amount of dough. The median salary for botanists is around $70,000, with the top-earning botanists making well over $100,000. 

It May Come With Travel Opportunities

Depending on the job that you’re able to secure, becoming a botanist might present you with travel opportunities. After all, plants aren’t going to come to you. You have to go to them. 

Some botany positions will entail going to different locations as opposed to the same spot every day. These would enable you to see different areas throughout the country (and maybe even the world). 

You’ll Have Plenty of Careers Available to You

The last benefit of becoming a botanist is that you’ll have plenty of careers available to you. Botanists gain knowledge not only on plants but on the environment as well. As such, they can pursue many careers that are entrenched in the environmental sciences. 

These careers run the gamut from wildlife biologist to lab technician to environmental analyst to academic researcher and more. Few study paths open up as many career opportunities as the path of botany. In studying botany, you’ll become highly knowledgeable on plants and the factors that affect them, making you an ideal candidate for many types of positions. 

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The Career of a Botanist Is a Rewarding One

When all is said and done, the career of a botanist is a rewarding one. Botanists get paid (fairly well) for doing what they love and get to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the ecosystem. If you’re a plant enthusiast, this is an obvious career to pursue. 

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By Malik