Many businesses struggle to meet their sales targets. Most spend a small fortune on advertising, but few manage to maximize the return on investment from those efforts.

They often neglect a crucial aspect: the quality of their copywriting.

Yet, well used, copywriting is probably the best investment to achieve your business goals.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain why copywriting do and 5 fundamentals of copywriting also you can learn from our best online copywriting course, you need to know to make copywriting your most formidable sales weapon.

Why do copywriting?

Increase your sales

Copywriting is above all a sales technique. Whether it is an online advertisement, a sales page, a newsletter or a prospecting email, copywriting techniques allow you to improve the impact of your campaigns or your rate. Conversion rate and therefore your return on investment.

Increase the engagement of your audience

Copywriting is a powerful vehicle for engagement. Built around the underlying emotions and needs of your audience, it directly impacts the hearts of your targets and reinforces your brand image. Thus, you strengthen the link between your brand and your audience. On social media, good copywriting will have a direct impact on the engagement of your followers.

Understand the needs of your targets

Obviously, the price of a motion design video depends on many factors. Advanced formats integrating illustrations Copywriting requires an in-depth analysis of the expectations and conscious or unconscious needs of your targets. This continuous analysis allows you to always be aware of the personality and needs of your customers, and therefore, to adapt your entire marketing and business strategy accordingly.

Convince without promotional speech

The push content of traditional web marketing has lost its effectiveness. Proof of this is the rise of brand content and content marketing, which aim to attract your audience by offering them high added value content and creating a close link with them.

Copywriting is subtle gymnastics. It makes it possible to convince your target and to put forward your solution by sending them the messages they wish to hear at a given moment. And that, without making the direct promotion of your product or service.

Stand out from the competition

Copywriting is almost as old as selling. But today, that has changed: we are inundated with continuous information and advertising, and every business needs to stand out. Design-writing is your most valuable weapon in achieving this.

Increase the impact of your articles

Lots of companies write blog posts aimlessly. Copywriting allows you to significantly improve the structure and style of your articles, but also their impact on your sales funnel.

The 5 fundamentals of copywriting

1. Understand the 3 fundamental rules of selling

When writing, keep these 3 rules in mind:

1. People don’t like the idea of ​​buying under the influence: most of us like to buy things we want or need

2. People buy for emotional, not rational reasons: if this were the case, we would only buy healthy and economical products. On the contrary, we buy because we feel an emotion: the pleasure of eating something, the joy of playing a game, the fear of missing something,…

3. After purchasing, consumers need to bring logic to their purchasing decision: we all want to be in control of our lives

2. Clarify your ideas and your goal

Copywriting is used to express an idea or a message. If you don’t know what to say, no text will replace your lack of idea. Clarify your position and don’t be afraid to express an opinion that some do not agree with. You will get even more on board those who adhere to it.

Also, clearly define your goal. Your text must serve a purpose: the action you expect from the reader. This objective is the benchmark that will be used to determine the relevance of each sentence and word.

3. Understand the hidden desires of your audience

Your obsession should not be what you write, but who you write it for. Writing without a target is totally useless.

Good copywriting analyzes the desires that exist in millions of people in order to get their audience to focus their desires on your product. To build successful copywriting, you need to know your audience deeply and understand their hidden desires: their dreams, their fears, their pains, their pleasures. Understand your professional life as well as your private life. By going far beyond the problem that your business solves.

4. Understanding cognitive biases

Cognitive biases are uncontrollable and irrational psychological mechanisms that occur when an individual processes information or has to make a decision.

We are irrational beings, and knowing them allows you to direct your copywriting to achieve your goal.

5. Talk about benefits, not features

The technical aspects of your product don’t really interest your audience. What interests him is the advantages and benefits that your product brings him, nothing else.

For example, a person may appreciate that a chocolate cake does not contain any additives. But it is above all its taste and the pleasure she takes in eating it that will push her to buy it.

So how does your product or service improve the life of your target audience? These are the answers you need to present to your hearing.

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