Reasons to use promo codes in an online store

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1: Increase the average purchase order

The most common goal is to increase the average purchase order.

To do this, the store invites its potential client to use a coupon that discounts 250 rubles. The coupon has one prerequisite: it works only with a total order amount of 6,000 rubles or more. Thus, an online store motivates a potential buyer to buy for a more significant amount than what customers usually order.

According to this principle, the Toys children’s goods store is now actively working. The retailer offers a 12% discount on the condition that the basket size is RUB 3,000.

Tip:The discount for a promotional code directly depends on the margin of the product and other features of each store.

2: Attracting new customers

Every online store knows how much money it needs to spend on average to attract a new customer. The store is ready to make a discount for this amount, provided that this customer makes a purchase on the site of this store for the first time.

In this case, it is also essential to calculate the discount so as not to go negative.

This goal has its drawback. This discount can be used by an old customer who has previously purchased in this online store. The user only needs to buy from a different email address and use a different address to deliver the goods. Of course, not every client is ready to go through such a fraud, but this point should be considered.

3: Retention and activation of old clients

Anyone who has ever bought on this site has repeatedly received a letter with the following content:

This is the most striking example of using a promotional code to return an old customer. In this case, the coupon is sent by the store to its base of customers who once made purchases in this store. With this approach, the client, although “cold,” already has experience buying on this site and is more likely to spend money on it again than on a new site that is still unknown to him. This strategy has proven to be effective, but few people use it.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the specified promotional code also works for a certain amount of the order.

These three goals of working with promo codes are the most common and effective. Of course, the possibilities of using coupons in the shopping process are not limited to this. There are many other effective ways to work with this tool. Here are some examples:

  • Discount on the most expensive item in the order;
  • Old collection discount;
  • Discount for a new collection;
  • Discount when paying by card;
  • Discount when buying three or more items;
  • Discount for a review of the store;
  • One month repeat purchase discount;
  • Discount on delivery of goods;
  • Discount for buying a friend

Every online store can and should find the perfect combination of conditions for a discount. In any case, you need a competent calculation of the size of the value and the requirements for using the coupon. Find your desired coupon on promo codes on this online stores.