It is time to say no to alcohol addiction

Who does not want to live a healthy life devoid of any side effects? But, it has become a difficult task to accomplish. Various bad habits make their home in our bodies. And allure us to do the worst for ourselves. One such mischief that we do is drinking alcohol. It damages our health and also affects our loved ones’ health. They do numerous things to help us get rid of our habits of drinking regularly. But, what they get is a disappointment. Though various ways are there to quit alcohol, none of them give you effective results. With the high value of money, extreme medication, time and efforts, etc., we spend our life helping our loved ones quit alcohol. But, what if I tell you by undergoing a few activities. Do you get rid of alcohol addiction? Drinking alcohol gives you various side effects and wellness issues. But, you can bid goodbye to them by following the ways we list here.

Why is it necessary to quit alcohol?

Drinking alcohol is emerging as one of the deadly issues these days. It comes with numerous wellness issues. The most affected part of the body becomes the kidney. In addition to this, your community image also gets affected. You do not feel comfortable amongst your peers, and your loved ones also suffer a lot. Again, various health issues enter your body. For all these reasons only, it is essential to get rid of your drinking habits. Quitting alcohol is not an easy task to do. For this, you need determination and hard work to get this habit out of your body. Contacting the recovery center baton rouge can be of great help in this regard. With the steps listed below, it becomes easier for an individual to say no to alcohol and start a healthy life. These small and effective ways aid in rejuvenating your body and filling it with positive energy without any side effects. Let us provide you with a list of ways you can start to get rid of alcohol addiction.

It is time to say no to alcohol addiction

How to say “no” to alcohol addiction?

There are numerous ways in which you can say “no” to your peers for alcohol addiction. We will provide you with some of the effective methods to adopt to get over alcohol addiction.

  • Have some excuses ready

You have to be upfront while you say no to someone offering you alcohol. There is no harm in saying no to your friends. They are your close ones and will understand your concern. Still, if they insist you on drinking, there are a few excuses that you can make. You can say that you have work early in the morning. You can also communicate that you have not overcome the earlier hangover. These excuses are not over. There are numerous ways in which you can get over your drinking pattern. By doing this, you get a chance not to consume alcohol in any manner. In addition to this, we must tell you that it is not straightforward to quit alcohol. But, these small steps can help you control your emotions. Also, it would be best not to interact with your peers much during the party. It will not offer them an opportunity to give you alcohol.

  • Go for a non-alcoholic drink.

Another way you can say “no” to alcohol is by consuming non-alcoholic drinks at the party. In a get-together, you get numerous options to choose from your favorite potions. Various health drinks, energy drinks, etc., are there at the party. You can decrease the chances of having alcohol by opting for only non-alcoholic potions. By doing so, you save yourself from getting addicted to alcohol but give yourself a healthy drink. In addition to this, it offers an impression to your friend that you are drinking alcohol. Thus, they will not come near to you to give you a drink. So, it becomes one of the best alternatives to say “no” to your alcohol addiction.

  • Pretend you are drinking

The best way to reject alcohol when you are with your friends is by pretending you are drinking. Once you pretend that you are drinking something, no one will come to offer you any drink. Whether it is your fruit drink or any health drink, no one will ever see what’s there in your glass. So, you can even say a “lie” to your friends that you are drinking alcohol, but, in reality, you are not. Thus, it offers you the best alternative to be alcohol-free.

It is time to say no to alcohol addiction
  • Offer to drive

Again, if you offer to drive amongst your drive, they will surely not ask you to drink. Everybody wants to hand over the steering to the trusted driver so that they do not risk their lives in any manner. Thus, you can take advantage of it. You can ask them to drive and get rid of the alcohol addiction. So, you enjoy the timing while you drive the car. But you also do not risk your life by drinking alcohol. Thus, the best way to say no is to indulge in driving. You stay out of harms’ way and do not risk your life relying on someone who cannot drive the car.

  • Speak with the bartender

Lastly, you can divert yourself and your friend’s attention by speaking to the bartender. He will not only help you avoid drinking alcohol but also distract your friends. They will not ask or offer you any drink thinking that you are busy with the bartender. It is a misconception that speaking to the bartender means you are asking him for some alcohol. So, you can grab this opportunity and make it an asset for yourself. It would be best to keep yourself busy with him. Till the party finishes, do not allow your friend to come near you. 


So, you see, saying no to alcohol addiction is not as difficult as it seems. But, it is easy to get a hold of your addiction by tracking your performance. It would be best to keep your partner close to you so that they can guide you. In addition to this, these simple ways can aid you in eliminating the risk of drinking alcohol. Also, you should check your daily activities and monitor them. Do not give any chance to your peers to offer you alcoholic drinks. So, by following these straightforward ways, you say no to alcohol and live a healthy life. No side effects or any wellness issues enter your body. And it offers you an opportunity to keep your loved ones safe and secure.It is time to say no to alcohol addiction

By Hemant Kumar

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