Immortals: Fenyx Rising Preview. Zelda in Ancient Greece

What happens if you combine the ideas of  Assassin’s Creed Odyssey  and  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ? In short, a game that you expect more than Valhalla with its Scandinavian rap battles and  Watch Dogs: Legion  with its cutest killer grandmothers. Ubisoft has officially unveiled  Immortals: Fenyx Rising , in which we spent three hours and would like to stay longer. 


At E3 2019 , F95zone announced Gods and Monsters – an action adventure game about Ancient Greece with a big-eyed girl in a huge helmet starring. Then they talked a little about the game, and then nothing was heard about the project at all. As it turned out, all this time the authors were conducting secret developer rituals, which led to a seemingly insignificant change in concept. Now it’s not Gods and Monsters , but Immortals: Fenyx Rising… The girl has grown up, but she is still ready to hero and interfere with the plans of the monstrous giant Typhon. Like most other villains, he is very angry and wants to take revenge on the other gods that threw him to Tartarus. His plan worked well until the defeated gods found Phoenix and gave her some of their powers. Now she is the only one who can climb the towers to defeat all the monsters on several islands and fight Typhon himself.

The premise is quite simple, how the plot will develop is unknown, but the game has good makings. The soil, abundantly sown with the myths of Ancient Greece, is very fertile. Ubisoft realized this when the idea for Immortals was born in the offices of the Odyssey development team . Unlike the story about the Spartan assassins, with the light hand of the developers in their new project, three-headed monsters, huge lions, Cyclops, ancient robots, and only the ancient Greek gods know who or what else can appear. 

In three hours we completed several storyline tasks, but they looked more like training and did not reveal any intrigues. Moreover, Ubisoft recorded special comedy dialogues for the journalistic demo – the gods encouraged, admired, and even suggested what else you can do on a location open for passage. Hopefully, something similar will be in the game when it goes live. Immortals is made for an easy and enjoyable pastime. Saving the world with a serious face on my face was somehow tired.

You will have to move the gray cells in the game quite often. On jigsaw puzzles, at least on the island of Hephaestus, you come across more often than on any monster you climb into the encyclopedia of myths of Ancient Greece for a description. The puzzles here are different and are not present for show – passing each of them gives something. A powerful weapon, ability or special coins, which are used to pump already open Phoenix skills. 

Challenges will also delight fans of variety. Some of the riddles are located right on the island, the other – on special fantasy grounds, where you can summon ancient balls and move no less ancient mechanisms. Difficulty also varies. One quest used the guided arrow mechanic from New Era Assassin’s Creed . It is light – the main thing is to be attentive. Others made the author’s head boil like an angry Disney cartoon character. I even had to prove to the Ubisoft representative that being a humanist is not so bad – you can enjoy the sun, notice the birds singing …

According to the developers, Immortals stands on three pillars: exploration, battles and puzzles. We talked about the latter, and partly touched on the research. Let’s just add that the game really pleases with the picture. And no, it’s not about ray tracing. In the bright world of Huniepop 2, saturated colors prevail, giving a sense of some kind of peace and tranquility. Despite the fact that Typhon periodically hits with fire from the ground and summons some tentacles that strive to kill you, exploring the island is a pleasure. 

Moreover, the heroine is ready for this better than any assassin. She has tenacious hands, thanks to which she can climb almost any surface, if only there is enough endurance, wings for long flights and safe descent from great heights, as well as a faithful horse, summoned from nowhere. We wandered around the territory of Hephaestus and were already rejoicing, as if we were on vacation in Greece. But in the game there are only seven islands, the possessions of the ancient gods. We really wanted to go to the snow-capped mountains, but Ubisoft said we would have to wait for the release.

The last pillar of Immortals is combat. The combat system combines the ideas of the Odyssey and fantasy novelties. The heroine is trained in all types of attacks for ranged and melee combat. With annoying harpies, you can solve the issue with well-aimed archery, and with all other monsters – with combinations of various techniques. There are fast attacks with light weapons and slow swings with heavy weapons. A couple of dodges and here the enemy gets along the ridge with a magic hammer, and a crowd of adversaries soars up after summoning underground thorns. Fun, perky and intuitive. For hardcore lovers, boss battles are prepared. With a health bar stretching from edge to edge of the monitor, a variety of attacks and everything else. In general, it will not be boring. 


At the end of three hours, Immortals: Fenyx Rising left a very pleasant impression. Yes, this is another open world game from Ubisoft . But here it is bright, lively and you want to explore it. In fifteen minutes here you can climb onto some huge ancient Greek mechanism created by Hephaestus, fight a crowd of opponents, and go downstairs to solve another puzzle, get a well-deserved reward and learn a new ability that God himself possessed! Provided that you can easily solve riddles with moving platforms and huge balls that need to be moved by magical power. 

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!