Check cargo status

The company and the customer both are eager to know the location of their cargo at all times. This creates a sense of urgency and helps to keep things in check and updates coming in smoothly. Here Frieghtprint becomes your go-to-Transportation Management System (TMS).

Successful transportation hinges on factors such as packaging, invoicing, loading cargo and delivering on time at the right address. But the most important part of the logistical supply chain is the tracking of the cargo at both the business and the consumer end.

Frieghtprint basically keeps track of cargo/freight’s footprint geographically. This means that the company of origin of cargo and the end user will always know their cargo’s location and delivery confirmation can be done.

This in turn ensures the credibility of the logistics and capability of the supply chain. Most importantly, shipment tracking and tracing cargo will add value and quality to the value chain for all the stakeholders involved.


Company: The origin of the cargo dispatch

Driver: The transporter handling the cargo

Customer: The end user waiting for the cargo

If either you are a business owner dispatching your cargo, or a customer waiting for your cargo, then you need to be able to check your cargo status at all times and be able to make confirmation of the dispatch and receiving. Also, the driver/transporter should be made to get updates and reminders along the logistical path.

For this the logistical supply chain, here, consists of there immediate and directly linked stakeholders. The perfect TMS should be capable enough to keep all three stakeholders engaged and keep them posted all along.

Frieghtprint does this efficiently and keeps everybody posted and connected, taking most of the uncertainty in the cargo handling and transportation off.

Core Features:

FreightPrint has three core features to provide in the shipping business.


The shipper of the cargo dispatches the product in packaging for the consumer to receive. FreightPrint takes all the details important and required for the dispatch and communicates them to all the stakeholders in the logistical operation.

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FreightPrint creates alerts regarding the cargo and relays them to the driver during the transportation and handling. After the cargo has been received by the customer then FreightPrint notifies both the company and the customer of the delivery by taking signature and confirming the tracking end operation at the final destination of the cargo.


The hall mark of the FreightPrint services is tracking of the cargo via the actual geographical location of the cargo when in transportation. This enables the company to keep track of their precious cargo at all times and manage their operations effectively. This helps in quality assurance of the shipping services and help identify future bottlenecks.

Three step tracking:

Frieghtprint cargo tracking system involves three easy to use and remember steps.

Step 1:

Create an account at

The website requires basic credentials and use them to assign an account or register.

Step 2:

Download FreightPrint mobile app for free. Both ANDROID and IOS supported.

Step 3:

Create a bill of ladings (cargo invoice) that comes with a unique FreightPrint ID and QR code.

The bill can be scanned and contains important details:

-FreightPrint Unique ID

-Invoice Number

-Delivery Address

-Delivery Time

-Delivery Instructions

For the driver, FreightPrint posts reminders and alerts that helps in the transportation process by keeping in check the time and address. If there are special requests that the customer made for the delivery, then the system will notify the driver. This helps the driver to manage multiple deliveries efficiently and reduction in mistakes.  

Lastly, once the delivery is made and the customer receives the cargo, they are required to sign the application with their unique signatures. This confirms the delivery is made satisfactorily and the customer has received the cargo. This signing also ends the tracking of the cargo marking the completion of the task for FreightPrint.

This also prompts that the company has delivered another valued product to another satisfied customer. The driver can rest assured that the cargo has been dealt with and can moves on to the next assignment.

FreightPrint, thus make its goal to streamline the delivery process and serve all the stakeholders in the right manner.