Arknights Top Operators 2021


Arknights is a top strategy game developed by famous developers Hypergryph and Studio Montage. Initially, the game was only released for Chinese players on May 01, 2019. But later on, Yostar published this game for global players on January 16, 2020. In this game, there are interesting missions and stories with the best characters. It can be played on any Android or iOS device. You can also play Arknights on PC by using an android emulator.

Arknights best characters

Arknights is a popular game that includes multiple characters. In this game, there are different classes of characters like Casters, Defenders,  Vanguards, etc.  Each class includes multiple characters, and the features or skills of operators are different and unique. The performance of operators in the game depends on their role and position. They are characterized as 6-star,  5-star, and 4-star, etc.  So that the players can understand their characters easily. In the eight classes of the operator is Arknights game there are many best operators. In this article, we will completely discuss all the best characters with their special role. So that you can understand and use the best operators in your team. In this way, you will perform well in the game, and ultimately you will become the winner of Arknights. The top operators or characters are following.


The Spectre is a 5 star S – Ranked guard character of Arknights. It has strong AoE skills and also blocks the enemy’s attack. This operator also has the best attacking skills.  You can use it at the advanced level of the game. 

Arknights Top Operators 2021: How to download and play Arknights on PC?

Silver Ash

The Silver Ash is the most famous six-star operator of S – Tier.  It has strong skills of both attacking and damaging the enemies. This character also belongs to the class guard and helps in team defense.


The Ifrit is a stronger caster operator of the S – Tier.  It has powerful skills of defense. This operator is famous for its massive AoE damage skills. It can be used at any level of the game for better results of the battle. 

Arknights Top Operators 2021: How to download and play Arknights on PC?


The Skyfire operator is also related to the caster class.  It has A – Ranked operator including different abilities. This operator is famous for his Arts damage skills.  It also has strong AoE damaging skills. It can crash meteors. Use this character in your team for powerful arts damage. It will help to complete your mission by damaging the enemies.


Angelina is the best supporter operator of Arknights game. This character is available in S – Tier and has strong supporting abilities. It also has powerful HP skills, which help the allies during battle. Arknights players must use this character for better support. It will surprise you with its amazing skills. 

Arknights Top Operators 2021: How to download and play Arknights on PC?


Sora belongs to A – Tier of Arknights game. It is also placed in supporter class. It does not have attacking skills. However, this operator has strong singing abilities. When the characters sing, it increases the HP and abilities of allies.  Also by singing debuffs the enemies in a specific radius.


Saria is an almost famous defender operator of S – Tier in Arknights game.  It is a six-star and known as a powerhouse. This character has passive skills of AoE.  It helps in his allies’ healing. It performs well when we combine it with other beat operators.

Arknights Top Operators 2021: How to download and play Arknights on PC?


The perfumer is A – Ranked Medic character of this game. Although it is a 4 – star operator, it has strong skills. It helps its team from enemy damage because it can block the damage. It also has passive AoE skills, which are best in the healing of the allies. Thus, it performs well on the whole map. 


It is a specialist character and belongs to S – Rankers. This character is considered an excellent fighter.  It has a unique ability to debuff enemies. It helps in the dual attack. Also, it is the best healer.  It can heal itself and its allies.  So you can add this operator to your team for better fighting. If you use it along with the best operator, you will win the game.

Arknights Top Operators 2021: How to download and play Arknights on PC?

Can I download Arknights on PC

Arknights is the best role-playing game with multiple unique characters. Now the game is famous and popular among players. Most game lovers use smartphones to Play Arknights. Some also use tablets. But they’re also a group of players who do not like to play the game on Smartphone and tablets. These players think that the game will harm the system of their smartphones. The thinking of these people is right. The game has a large size, and it may affect the performance of the Smartphone. Also, the players can not fully enjoy the game on smartphones. Therefore these players want to know that they can play or not this game on PC. We congratulate these players that they can play the game on PC. For this purpose, the players need an Android emulator. The Android emulators can be used to play this game on PC. Many Android emulators are available, and the players can download any of them, but the top Android emulator to play games on PC is LDPlayer.

Introduction to LDPlayer

We discussed that the Android emulators are used to play games on PC, the LDPlayer is also an Android emulator, and it has the same function. The LDPlayer has several unique and best features that are absent in other emulators. It is safe to download and install. It does not harm the PC and laptop systems because it has a lighter weight and free from viruses. It is a safe Android emulator because the emulator does not access your privacy. This Android emulator has top-quality graphics, and you will enjoy the game more when you use this emulator. LDPlayer has included the Kernal version, and the players can play any Android game from this emulator.

Arknights Top Operators 2021: How to download and play Arknights on PC?

How to download LDPlayer?

LDPlayer is free, and you do not need to pay money for its downloading, but you need some instructions for a successful installation. So follow the given instructions and download it easily.

1. Go to the website of LDPlayer.

2. Click on the LDPlayer Android emulator.

3. Tap the download button.

4. Install the LDPlayer Android emulator on your device.

5. Open the app and visit the store to download games.

Arknights Top Operators 2021: How to download and play Arknights on PC?