7 Quick and Easy Home Decor Ideas

Decorating your home doesn’t need to feel overwhelming; it can actually be pretty simple.

Are you looking to switch up your home design? Do you need some tips to help you redesign rooms in your home without sacrificing too much time or money?

There’s no need to stress over freshening up your home decor because this article will highlight 7 quick and easy home decor ideas that are sure to completely transform your space.

1. Bring Out the Throw Pillows

One of the quickest home design changes that you can make is switching out your current throw pillows for new ones or adding some in if you don’t have any at all!

You can use throw pillows to change the feel and focus of a room by choosing them wisely. Go for a pop of color if you want to create an eclectic feeling room, but stick to neutrals if you want the pillows to bring an air of sophistication.

Pillows are the perfect way to bring in some texture as well. Plus, you can even get your pillows to make a statement by choosing ones that have typography on them.

2. Create a Feature Wall

A unique way to change the room design is by adding a feature wall. There are several different ways to go about this, but the most interesting is definitely featuring a marble wall mural. These murals transform boring walls into works of art while still having simple installation options and a very affordable price point!

Another way to create a feature wall is by simply painting one wall in a room to create interest and bring some color in without darkening the room completely.

3. Bring Nature Inside

One way to instantly add color to a room is by utilizing plants. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always use faux plants instead. There are more options for faux greenery than ever before!

Plants, whether real or fake, will brighten your space and add a refreshing feeling to the room. They compliment any design style, and you can match your color scheme by choosing the pots that house your plants accordingly.

4. Easy Home Decor Ideas: Wall Art

Upgrading your room decor by using wall art is the most classic form of decoration there is.

Because wall art is common for a room renovation, there is certainly no shortage of pieces to choose from! You can find wall art that’s bright and bold, neutral and simple, and everything in between.

You can even go as far as using the frames that house the art to add a certain feel to your space. Wooden frames add to a boho vibe, whereas black or white frames provide that classic feel. 

The size of the wall art that you choose and how you hang it also make an impact. Whether you go for a large statement piece or small photos hung together to create a gallery moment, wall art is a lovely way to change your home.

5. Shower Curtains

One of the places that are often forgotten when considering easy home decor ideas is the bathroom.

This isn’t surprising since it’s typically the smallest room in your house, but there’s one easy way to spruce it up, even on a budget: changing the shower curtain. 

The shower curtain you use sets the tone for the rest of the bathroom. You can pick from solid, patterned, or printed curtains. Some even have texture, provide a bit of humor, or showcase beautiful photography.

Whichever shower curtain you choose, be sure to carry that theme throughout the rest of the room. For example, if you pick a curtain with statement colors in a funky pattern, try to bring out those colors with any wall art you hang or pieces you have on your counter.

Consider a matching soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and bath mat!

6. Utilize Rugs

Chances are you already have rugs in your home to add a touch of coziness or even simply to wipe your shoes on when you enter your home.

Don’t forget that these rugs can become part of your home design just like any other piece of home decor you own. 

The first rug that visitors will see is often in the entryway. Use this area to provide a hint about what the rest of your home will be like. Make sure this rug is extra thick and comfy to welcome guests right from the start!

As far as the rest of your home goes, use rugs wisely. You don’t want to overuse them or pick out the wrong size for a specific area.

Be mindful of patterns that you choose and how they interact with the rest of your space. 

7. Be Mindful of Shelving

Bookshelves, open shelving, and even tables can provide you with the opportunity for a special design moment.

Have you ever looked through a magazine and thought that every aspect of a room was perfect, right down the items they have on the shelves? That’s because they’re likely styled!

Don’t think of shelving as just a way to house random items because that can create clutter. Instead, use these spaces intentionally. Stack a few books to create varying heights. Showcase pretty candles, fun knickknacks, vases, plants, and anything else you want to show off.

Take some time to play around with the spacing of everything, and don’t stop until you find an arrangement that completes your room renovation.

Home Decor Made Simple

You spend so much time in your home; it only makes sense that you want it to feel like an extension of you. There are plenty of easy home decor ideas that allow you to transform your home without making major changes or breaking the bank.

This article brings out seven ways to switch up your home design in a simple way.

Begin making changes little by little, and you will have a unique home design in no time!

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By Malik