7 Beautiful Engagement Ring Stones To Consider

Are you thinking about becoming one of the two million Americans who get married each year?

Finding your special someone is something that should be celebrated in every big and small way possible. One of the highlights that couples look forward to most is engagement.

Do you want to know how you can wow your partner when you pop the question? Keep reading to learn about 7 gorgeous engagement ring stones that you should consider buying.

1. Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are one of the most popular engagements ring trends right now. Even though lab-grown diamonds look the exact same as traditional diamonds, they’re a lot cheaper and more ethical to buy.

2. Emeralds

Emeralds are known for their gorgeous earthy green hues, which means that they make fabulous engagement rings. Emeralds are quite durable as well, which means your partner’s ring can stay in top condition for many years to come.

3. Sapphires

One of the most famous fashion icons is Princess Diana and she received a sapphire engagement ring. If you’re on the hunt for engagement ring gemstones that can make your partner feel like royalty, then look no further than sapphire.

4. Rubies

There’s no denying that red is an eye-catching color and your partner will want to admire their ring for hours after they put it on. Since rubies are such a statement gem, this is the perfect option for people who like to add flair to their style.

5. Amethysts

Purple is a rich and romantic color, which is why using amethyst in an engagement ring is such a brilliant idea. While amethyst may not be one of the best gemstones when it comes to hardness, your partner should still be able to keep it beautiful with a little care.

6. Morganites

If your partner has a delicate and feminine sense of style, then they’ll adore wearing morganite. Morganite is becoming one of the most popular types of engagement rings in recent years due to its soft and romantic pink tone.

7. Moissanites

The coolest fact about moissanite is that humans first discovered it in a meteorite that crashed into the earth. Since moissanite is hard to find in nature, it also has to be grown in a lab to keep the cost affordable. Your partner will be in awe of how well it captures light.

Your Partner Will Fall in Love With Any of These Engagement Ring Stones

You can never go wrong with a classic diamond ring, but there are so many other stunning diamond alternatives that are worth considering. Now that you’ve learned about the top engagement ring stones, you can find the perfect match that complements your partner’s unique style.

After you’ve married your partner, the two of you can look forward to a lifetime of happiness together. If you want to build the brightest future possible, then keeping up with the latest lifestyle trends can work wonders.

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By Malik