4 Reasons You Should Consider Becoming a Cat Family

Over 42 million households in the United States have at least one cat. Cats are one of the best pets you can have, even if you think you’re more of a dog person. 

There are many benefits to becoming a cat family, whether you’ve never had a pet before or want to try something new. Cats have a lot to offer, but it’s wise to look into what having a cat may be like before making the jump. 

Keep reading for four reasons why you should become a cat family, and then rush to the shelter to adopt! 

1. Cats Are Low Maintenance

Cats are extremely low maintenance and independent, so if you’re worried about having to give them constant attention, you truly don’t have to. 

Cats are an excellent pet for someone who has a full-time job or is constantly on the go. While they do like cuddling and having time with their owner once in a while, they are mostly content hanging out by themselves. 

They can entertain and even bathe themselves; all they really need is for you to provide food, water, and a litter box. 

2. Cats Are Eco-Friendly

Taking care of a cat takes fewer resources than taking care of most other pets. Because cats usually prefer fish over beef or corn, you’re reducing your carbon footprint, feeding your cat, and helping out the environment all at once. 

3. Cats Can Help Reduce Stress

If you’re thinking of getting a new cat as a family pet, it’s an excellent way to bond with your family members while also reducing stress. 

Petting a cat releases endorphins in your brain, making you happier and lowering stress levels. If you have a particularly grueling job or stressful lifestyle, having a cat to play with at the end of the night is a great way to unwind and connect with another being. 

4. Cats Will Keep Your House Pest-Free

Perhaps the top reason to adopt a new kitten is for pest control, after the companionship, of course. Cats will instinctively catch any rodents in your house, which means you never have to worry about having that mice problem again.

Just having a cat in your home will deter rodents from entering it. So, if you already have a mice problem, you may wake up a few times to dead mice in your kitchen.

Yet, after that is taken care of, you’ll most likely never have a pest problem again as long as your cat is in your home. 

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Become a Cat Family Today

Becoming a cat family is an incredibly rewarding thing to do, and you could be saving a life. If you think you’re ready to adopt, make sure you have the resources available, schedule an appointment with your vet, and get to it!

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By Malik